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Marble Hornets/Operator Theory! (Scientific)
"The most logical option would be to send the camera through, but the electromagnetic field nukes the picture." -Quinn Mallory from Sliders
The fandom I was into before Marble Hornets was the 90's cult classic sci-fi series Sliders. It dealt with traveling, or "sliding", between different dimensions/parallel earths. The quote I included from the show ties into my theory about the Operator:
The Operator generates an electromagnetic field.
I can't believe I've never heard this theory before, because so much of it fits. According to Quinn, electromagnetic fields play hell with the picture on a camera, causing distortions and freezing and stuff. Does the Operator cause this? Check.
Is the Operator a being from another dimension? It's very possible. I consider "where there is no light" to be the Ark, the place where the Operator goes when he's not trolling the characters. It's basically a pocket dimension (as opposed to a parallel dimension) that he easily glides between,
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-Aside from heavy metal, she's also into dubstep, and enjoys artists like She (one of my personal favorites, actually^^).
-She's a techno-organic, landed on Earth somewhere in Japan, inherited genetic appearance stuff from her "parents", etc. Pretty much a spinoff of Sari Sumdac's origin story, minus her dad rebuilding Megatron and all that.
-Around the time of the episode "Rock Bottom", she decided to go with Starscream and join the Decepticon cause. 
-She fell in love with Starscream and they ended up together.
-Decora and punk loli are some of her fashion preferences. She likes to be unpredictable in how she dresses.
-She likes to watch anime, though she's kinda picky about what she likes. Sailor Moon is a personal favorite.
-A lot of people don't know it, but she loves the Pokemon games. She's been playing all of them since they came out, and finds much amusement in Team Skull.
-She's always wanted to go to space.
-Miko loves manga, especially when she was younger, and has always wanted to write one of her own. However, her art skills aren't exactly manga-grade quality, so she just kinda invents scenarios in her head.
-Her favorite flavor of anything (i.e. cakes, candy, etc.) is strawberry.
-She has a pink-themed blog.
-She likes older video games.
-She's always wanted to make a spinoff of the Slender games.
-She knows how to use all sorts of weapons- human and Cybertronian alike- but is best with a knife or basic handgun.
-Though she loves to relax and be lazy, Miko has recently taken to working out. 
-Her favorite character in Steven Universe is Peridot.
-Most memes don't make a lot of sense to her, but she likes a few. Bode currently amuses her.
-As indicated in Prime, she's a cat person.
-She loves trying new foods.
-Weird and obscure cartoons are of interest to her.
-In middle school, one of her friends who was into Hatsune Miku at the time took to calling her Hatsune Miko for a few days. She thought it was funny.
Petty fool.


Artist | Student
"Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear."
-George Orwell

TF - Must-Learn Cybertronian Words - Stamp by TheWhovianHalfling


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